About Us

About Us
God blessed us with a new Pastor Wednesday, April 5th, 2017, Pastor Terry Hix!
Gethsemane Missionary Baptist Church left mission status January 28th, 2017.
At the time that we left mission status we were without a Pastor; but we had enough men in the church to rotate bringing the message from God's Word on Sunday mornings. At this time we also voted to remain associated with the ABA, MBA of Texas, Texas Missions Development and Texas Missions Builders.
At the time that we left mission status, we had 16 charter members.

Below is the history of our church from the time it was built in the 50's.
Antioch Missionary Baptist Church was organized on May 22, 1953 in the home of Cecil and Juanita Ross. Antioch Baptist Church had 12 character members: Mr. & Mrs. A.J. Branch, Mr. & Mrs. Ira Branch, Mr. & Mrs. M.A. Branch, Rita Cown, Mr. & Mrs. C.C. Ross, Mr. & Mrs. H.A. Cowan, Mrs. L.H. Tamplin, Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Branch, and Mr. & Mrs. Jeirl Branch.
The Reverend R.E. Rogers was chosen to be the firs minister and he served as pastor from August 1953 to April 1954. The church bought the property at 623 South Clement Street in Gainesville on May 24, 1953. The name was then changed from Antioch Missionary Baptist Church to Mt. Hope Missionary Baptist Church on May 31, 1953. While the church was being buil it continued to meet in the home of Cecil and Juanita Ross. From May 31, 1953 until July 6, 1969 the church met as Mt. Hope Baptist Church. On July 6, 1969 the church then changed its name to Clement Street Missionary Baptist Church and remained that name until January 1, 2008 when it changed to Gethsemane Missionary Baptist Church.
The church bought the property to the west of the church and used it as a parsonage until the old parsonage was torn down in the late 80's. December 2005 the church took a step of faith and voted to enter into a building project on a New Family Life Center where the old fellowship hall existed. (Pic 6) After the old parsonage was moved off the property and was vacant for several years. Plans were drawn up by brother Marion Reed and a building fund was established.
After several months of planning and praying ground breaking activities were held at the annual homecoming services on April 1, 2007. Demolition began on the old fellowship building on June 8, 2007. While demolition was in progress the city suffered the worst flood in its history. The flood caused a delay in the demolition process. In July the old building was completely removed along with all the concrete sidewalks. After a break in the weather, construction then began on August 10, 2007 on the Family Life Center. The brick work for the new signs and the new building began on November 19, 2007 by Brother James Branscum, Pastor of College Boulevard Missionary Baptist Church in Denison, Texas.
The steeple for the new building was set in place on November 29, 2007. On January 1, 2008 the name change became reality. Clement Street Missionary Baptist Church officially became Gethsemane Missionary Baptist Church. The new sign for the Grand Avenue side of the church was installed on January 10, 2008. The inside work of the building begin on January 2nd by Brother Eddie Truitt and Brother Todd Gray. The construction process continues at this time. It is estimated that the new construction will be completed early summer.
January 2017 we had the Fellowship hall and adjoining hallways {one leading to sanctuary and one leading to bathrooms}painted we also completed fencing in the front yard at the corner of Tennie and Grand Ave
Updating and maintenance work was done during the spring and summer of 2016. We had new cooling and heating units installed, put a new heater in the baptismal, had the mural above the baptismal touched up and cleaned up, removed and rebuilt the brick alters as they were crumbling and falling a part, had the sanctuary painted, did some remodeling of the changing rooms behind the baptismal, removed a brick wall in front of the baptismal and replaced it with sheetrock, installed a new sound system complete with new speakers and mics, and a projector and new screen.